Chq Steel Wire

Cold heading quality (CHQ) steels are mainly produced from pure iron ore and selected steel scrap under controlled conditions, which ensures low content of residuals, uniform chemical composition and clean steel. Controlled rolling and cooling ensure optimal properties including homogeneous micro structure, uniform mechanical properties as well as good surface quality and close dimensional tolerances. The starting material for cold heading operation is normally wire rods mostly in coil form. These wire rods are pickled, drawn into wires and sometimes annealed before it is subjected to the cold heading operation. Cold heading quality wire involves a particular raw material chemistry to withstand heading and forming operations. It also should possess excellent workability and surface quality for the cold working process to take place. Strict control is needed during wiredrawing, heat treatment, coating and inspection to ensure high quality wires with consistent tensile strength, uniform microstructure and improved forgeability.

Grade Specification

S. No. Grade Steel Type Chemical Properties of raw material
% C % Mn % Si % P % S % Mo % B
1SAE 1006Cold Heading Quality Steel0.08 max0.25-0.400.35 max0.04 max0.05 max--
2SAE 10080.10 max0.30-0.500.35 max0.04 max0.05 max--
3SAE 10100.08-0.130.30-0.600.35 max0.04 max0.05 max--
4SAE 10120.10-0.150.30-0.600.35 max0.04 max0.05 max--
5SAE 10150.13-0.180.30-0.600.35 max0.04 max0.05 max--
6SAE 10180.15-0.200.60-1.000.35 max0.04 max0.05 max--
7SAE 10200.18-0.230.30-0.600.35 max0.04 max0.05 max--
8SAE 10220.18-0.230.60-1.000.35 max0.04 max0.05 max--
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