Boron Steel Wire

In Boron steels the addition of boron in low carbon steel improves its hardenability. It is known that a very small quantity of boron can dramatically improve the hardenability of steel. It is also noted that boron added steel can be easily worked as the boron added steel has a smaller amounts of other alloys (ex. Cr, Mo, Ni) and hardenability can be obtained from boron itself. Ductlity and Toughness also improves by the reduction of C and other Elements. By spherodized annealing Boron steel wire rods we significantly alter the microstructure properties of the rod and thereby improving the forging die life.

Grade Specification

S. No. Grade Steel Type Chemical Properties of raw material
% C % Mn % Si % P % S % Cr % B
1SAE 10B21Boron Steel Wire0.18-0.230.70-1.100.30 max0.04 max0.05 max0.10 -0.250.0005 -0.003
2SAE 15B250.23- 0.280.90 - 1.300.30 max0.04 max0.05 max0.10 -0.250.0005 -0.003
3SAE 15B410.36 - 0.441.35 - 1.650.05 - 0.350.04 max0.05 max0.10 -0.250.0005 -0.003
419MnB40.20 - 0.260.80 - 1.100.30 max0.04 max0.05 max0.30 - 0.400.0005 -0.003
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